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At Competition Carburetion
I build every carburetor
to perform well on the dynamometer, flow bench,
and especially on the track.

My name is Bob Oliver I founded Competition Carburetion. I became interested in hi-performance carburetors in 1984 while driving a Sportsman car at Saugus Speedway in Southern California. The car owner shipped our two-barrel out for service. After the carburetor returned, I inspected it. Other than being clean, there appeared to be no difference. I installed the carburetor and went racing. The throttle response was incredible. The car ran faster than ever before. The change that carburetor made was amazing. I started building carburetors for my own Sportsman car in 1986. The racing continued for several more seasons driving for other car owners. During that time many different combinations were tested. I was so impressed with the performance gains that could be found in the carburetor. This seemed like a great business to get into.


Competition Carburetion opened in 1987. The shop was located in my garage in Granada Hills, California. I moved to Northern Nevada in 1993. I still get behind the wheel of racecar whenever possible. Winning a track championship in 2000 reminding me of the importance of drivability. Sometimes racers are too concerned about dynamometer numbers. They forget the importance of making the carburetor perform in all kinds of different situations. The dynamometer can teach us many things, but the real test is on the racetrack. At Competition Carburetion I build every carburetor to perform well on the dynamometer, flow bench, and especially on the track.


I use the Flow Data flow bench. This has become the most important tool in the shop. The bench measures the airflow and signal of each venturi. The total airflow or (cubic feet per minute) can also be measured. After the boosters are installed they can be positioned to maximize the flow and signal. Flow checking each venturi individually allows this adjustment.

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